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Journal Articles

Liang M, Thibault M, Jouvet P, Lebel D, Schuster T, Moreault MP, Motulsky A (In press). Improving Medication Safety in a Pediatric Hospital: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a Newly Implemented Computerized Provider Order Entry System. BMJ Health and Care Informatics.

Motulsky A, Gautier L, Moreault MP, Badr J, Liang M, Davy A, Duhoux A, Lussier M (In press). Evaluating the implementation of a referral system for virtual pharmacy counselling in a province-wide nurse phone line. Healthcare Management Forum.

Motulsky A, Weir DL, Liang M, Lamy A, Moreault MP, Schuster T, Boulenger S, Paré G (2020). Improving access to primary care: Patient-initiated consultations in community pharmacies. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

Research in Progress

Liang M, Zhang X, Zitnik M (In preparation). Curating and Extracting Dose-Dependent Side Effects from Adverse Event Reports.


Motulsky A, Moreault MP, Liang M. Élaboration d’un modèle logique pour un programme de monitorage de l’usage des antibiotiques multi-espèces en santé animale. Official report submitted to the University of Montreal Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on January 2021.

Motulsky A, Moreault MP, Liang M, Boulenger S, Paré G. Analyse de l’utilisation et de la transférabilité de l’application AQPP. Official report submitted to the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP) on June 2018.

Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

Liang M, Boujellab A, Kwon HJ, Jouvet P, Lebel D, Thibault M, Motulsky A (2021). Implementation of a Computerized Provider Order Entry System in a Pediatric Hospital in Canada. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 281: 590-4

  • Publication (Best student paper finalist at Medical Informatics Europe 2021)

Nikiema J, Liang M, Motulsky A (2021). Development of OCRx, a Canadian drug ontology. Medical Informatics Europe 2021. 281:367-371

Liang M, Gidla V, Verma A, Weir D, Tamblyn R, Buckeridge D, Motulsky A (2019). Development of a Method for Extracting Structured Dose Information from Free- Text Electronic Prescriptions. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 264:1568-9.

Motulsky A, Liang M, Moreault MP, Borycki E, Kushniruk A, Sicotte C (2019). Evaluation of a Nationwide e-Prescribing System. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 264:714-8.

Book Chapters

Liang M, Shaw Morawski T, Pongco T (2022). Promoting Informatics Workforce Development through Global Initiatives. Healthcare Information Management Systems: Cases, Strategies, and Solutions (5th edition).

Shaw Morawski T, Liang M (2022). The TIGER Initiative: Global, Interprofessional Health Informatics Workforce Development. Nursing Informatics: A Health Informatics, Interprofessional and Global Perspective (5th edition).

Shaw Morawski T, Liang M, Doshi A (2022). TIGER: A Global Interprofessional Community of Developmentand Growth. Handbook of Continuing Professional Development for the Health Informatics Professional (2nd edition).

Oral Presentations

Cox M, Liang M, Raffa J, Fernandes M, Mantena S, Maley J, Celi L A. Effect of Rapid Glycemic Decreases on Mortality in Critically Ill Patients: A Retrospective Study. Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) 2023 Critical Care Congress. San Francisco, March 2023.

Motulsky A, Liang M, Kushniruk A, Borycki E, Moreault MP, Sicotte C. Implementation of electronic prescribing in Quebec. eHealth2019. Toronto, May 2019.

Poster Presentations

Liang M, Gosselin N H, Marier, J. First-in-Human Studies of Monoclonal Antibodies in Oncology : An Overview of Study Designs and Stopping Criteria. 7th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress. Montreal, Canada, October 2020.

Liang M, Weir DL, Lamy A, Moreault MP, Schuster T, Boulenger S, Paré G, Motulsky A. Nature and effect of patient-initiated consultations in community pharmacies. CAHSPR 2020 Conference. Saskatoon, Canada, May 2020.

Liang M, Garcia A, Tehrani SF, Li Q, Rode Garcia T, Roullin G. Purification de suspensions de nanoparticules de PLGA – une étude comparative. Rendez-vous de la recherche pharmaceutique 2017. Montreal, Canada, December 2017.

Other Publications

Liang M, Altidor JS, Zinszer K (2021). Quels sont les attributs importants des systèmes d’information axées sur la surveillance des maladies infectieuses ? Bulletin du Centre de recherche en santé publique (CReSP), 2(8).